The Ronneburgs held an Octoberfest to celebrate birthdays for Frank, Carrie, Ed and Julie.

Large quantities of beer, bratwurst, sauerkraut, singing "der Schnitzelbank" and doing the chicken dance simply wasn't enough. No. Ed had to bust out the karaoke machine. Chad, not expecting that move, wasn't prepared with an adequate video camera. However, he did have his PDA, so he managed to capture some of the magic.

Note that Carrie is a backup singer/dancer for almost all of the songs.  And yes, she is wearing a tiara.

Unfortunately it's all in MP4 format so I can't edit it, and my picture publishing program ignores it. Some of it is sideways. I'll work on that. If your browser doesn't like to play it with its default player, you should be able to see it with Apple Quicktime.

(818k)  John and Liz perform Vogue
(1,639k)  More Vogue
(1,483k)  Yet more Vogue, Sideways
(1,029k)  A crowd does California Girls, sideways
(367k)  Frank does Keep Your Hands To Yourself
(283k)  Frank and dancers, sideways
(698k)  Frank and more sideways dancers
(552k)  Claire does RESPECT sideways
(546k)  RESPECT with Carrie dancing
(555k)  Claire and Liz do Summer Nights
(678k)  Liz does Love Shack with a beer
(729k)  Liz does Celebration
(1,000k)  John does Back in the USSR
(499k)  John and Liz in the USSR
(361k)  Liz and Frank do Life's Been Good
(706k)  Frank, John and Juergen do Born to be Wild
(398k)  Claire and Ed do Brown Eyed Girl
(436k)  More Brown Eyed Girl
(758k)  Liz and Claire do December 63
(609k)  More December 63
(2,477k)  Ed and Frank do Radar Love. Liz bounces and crawls